I was born into a family of F.C. Barcelona supporters.  The love for this team was in my blood before I was born – supporting Barça wasn’t a choice.

As a child, I dreamed of a career as a star footballer (soccer), of one day donning the famed “blaugrana” jersey. But as I grew older, I quickly realized that I likely wouldn’t make it pro — not even close — and so, I turned to my other passion.

I chose writing.

That path led me to the University of British Columbia where I studied English and Spanish. Upon finishing university, I travelled, worked a number of odd jobs,  and started offering services as an English teacher and translator, offering consulting services to both secondary students and adult professionals.

These days, I continue to offer consulting services in translation, proofreading, and editing: just drop me a line (marc@mmhelsen.com).

I obtained my Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Western Ontario in 2005.  Shortly after, I began a career in reporting and photography. Living in Toronto, my first year out of school was spent delivering appliances and furniture while freelancing for various newspapers and magazines.  Both jobs offered me wonderful opportunities to meet really interesting people.

In 2006, I landed a full-time job with the Observer in Elmira.  It was a great first gig and for that reason I remained there for more than three years.

Brought up in a bilingual, multicultural environment, even as a young child I found myself gravitating toward multicultural scenes and my curiosity piqued by international issues. My travels abroad and within Canada only served to deepen my interest in international issues and solidify my belief that writing and telling stories from a cross cultural context is the way to go.

Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan, I strive to fulfill my journalistic aspirations to the best of my abilities by representing and giving voice to all people and cultures.